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President of Bell & Ross Replica Watches Thierry Stern

You can have 10 watches with the same reference, but you'll have 10 distinct sounds. My job is to ensure that they meet our acceptance criteria. We will discuss the issue with the watchmaker if they do not meet our criteria. He will then have to come up with a solution. To regulate the sound, we are talking about more than 150 hours.Bell & Ross Replica Watches I can't just tell a watchmaker, 'No, it is no good.' That would leave him completely confused. "I must understand, and I must explain."

It is obvious that some people wonder if the Patek women's complex watches are a result having a woman Head of Creation. However, this is not a question Sandrine and Thierry consider irrelevant as they see movement innovation as key to their success on the female market. Sandrine says, "It's more than a matter of design." "Thierry insists that ladies watches not use calibres taken from men's watchtimepieces. That is why we have such a great collection."

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Thierry says, "I travel all the time so I get a lot feedback.Breitling Avenger Replica This is how I adapt to our clients' needs - male or female." Sandrine, Head of Creation, is not what makes our ladies' line shine. She is a woman and can be more focused on specific details, which can make it easier for women and men to wear watches. She was not a candidate because she seemed to be able to understand women's watches. Sandrine does not run Creation. She has great ideas but is not a creative person. She has a primary objective of managing a team of 30 creative people. This is not an easy task. Because she is familiar with Patek and knows how it works, she has responsibility for the ladies' lines. It is a benefit to be a woman. Perhaps a little. But if you look at fashion, many of the top designers in the world are men.

Thierry has spent his entire life in the watch business, and learned the ropes before he created his vision. He says that if you have a large, chunky calibre, it is impossible to make a feminine You must be able create a small, complex movement if you want your watch to be the best in women's watches. After the movement, the exterior design follows. Beautiful calibres make beautiful cases.

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The Women's Movement

Sandrine says that quartz is fine, but it is important to own the entire collection. There are two types of women today: the one who prefers a quartz watch and the other who prefers a mechanical timepiece. Most often, these women buy the watches. The Twenty-4 was initially bought by women for their own use. But today, women are buying complications because they can and because they have knowledge about the product. They're successful and don’t need a man buying for them.

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