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Thierry insists that Chopard Replica doesn't follow a marketing brief. He prefers to use his 20-years of experience in listening, interpreting, and adapting the collection. He says, "There is no secret." It works if you're passionate. It is easy to feel it. If I were only looking to make money, I wouldn't do this. I would create two women's complications and market them to death to sell 50,000 pieces.replica watches We would certainly be successful, but that's not what Chopard Replica is all about. What would be the joy?

Chopard Replica ref. 7118/1A Nautilus Ladies Automatic in Stainless Steel with Blue Dial

Chopard Replica ref. 7118/1A Nautilus Ladies Automatic in Stainless Steel with Smoky Grey Dial

Thierry has a great sense of humor and loves to shock people. This was evident in Paris' 2009 launch of the Ladies First Chronograph. It houses the brand new CH 29-535 movement. "I could sense the market asking me for ladies' complications," Thierry said, explaining his bold move. We know that the chronograph is very popular, even though we don't use it often. However, the movements are stunning. We were going to launch the CH 29-535 as a men's watch. I didn't expect that. If you think I'll go left, I'll go right. That's who I am. I love to surprise."

He felt that he was taking a huge risk that could result in the exclusion of Patek clients. "I wasn't afraid. I was aware that men might be jealous and refuse to purchase the movement.Tissot Replica Watches We gave enough information to people so they could understand that the movement was neutral. That is exactly what happened. It worked, and it was great fun. It was revenge for all women."

Chopard Replica ref. 7071R Ladies First Chronograph

Cal. CH 29-535

Looking forward

Thierry believes that female clients are very similar in their expectations of Patek. They want to be surprised. They also want to know why they are buying it. The chronograph is one of the most sought-after complications. Practical reasons are also driving the demand for annual and world calendars, as well.

Sandrine says that our complications are intuitive and simple to use. This is important because it is crucial that you wear your watch without being afraid. People worry about perpetual calendars as they fear they will be broken. You don't need to be afraid. There are some simple rules you can follow. It's a plus that it is a concern to break such a mechanism. That shows respect." Thierry says. Customers can send their watches to us and they will be perfectly restored. This is even more important for women than it is for men.

Chopard Replica Ref. 7002/450G Four Seasons Symphony-Minute Repeater

While some may view women's fascination with mechanical watches as a fad or a fashion, the Sterns believe this is a growing trend that Chopard Replica can lead. Sandrine says that although we approach new watches the same way for men and women, it's more challenging to create watches for women.Chopard Replica This is because women tend not to be as attentive to detail. But our criteria is very high, and it goes across all categories. It is just a matter of creativity - that is, afterall, our job.

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