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Watch brands have looked to women's markets to increase their sales over the past decade. Although the attention has been great and resulted in many beautiful models and designs,replica watches many companies have shifted their focus to what they consider "feminine complications", such as the pretty but not very useful moon phases. Some, like Christophe Claret and Hermes, have created complications that are both absurdly useless and incredibly desirable. uboat replica is the most popular maison, offering a wide range of complications, including world timers, perpetual calendars, and minute repeaters.

Sandrine Stern, Head of Creation: "Today we talk and show about women's complicated watches much more than ever before, but they've always been there." We value the fact that each client has their own watch. So we don't just make a movement and case with precious stones. We insist on creating a special collection for women.Audemars Piguet Replica The ideal case size for women has remained at 36mm or 37mm. It is crucial to wearability, so we need to adjust a lot of details -- especially if we are dealing with a complicated case.

Head of Creation Sandrine Stern

A woman does not buy a uboat replica minute repeater to add a chronograph function. The most important thing is the pure sound. You don't have to be trendy -- wearing a Patek is not about fashion. Our feedback has shown that women enjoy wearing their Pateks, no matter how old they are.

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Thierry Stern, uboat replica President, believes that watchmakers are so skilled that he can request that a woman's minute repeater be "more feminine". He is known for his ability to listen to and approve every repeater that leaves the manufacturer. He insists that the sound is instinctual, but it is more difficult to describe.uboat replica He says, "We have the skills necessary to tune." The watchmaker who regulates a gong must deal with small differences that can have an impact on the sound. I request that the piece be feminine for a woman's piece. It's not an easy task. It will take a man a long time to get used to it, while a woman may need to do it more quickly. Although it's small adjustments, this is what we aim for at this level.

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